Salad With Turkey Breast And Almonds

Salad With Turkey Breast And Almonds © Liz Collet, Putenbrust, Geflügel, Mandeln, Quark, Topfen, Kräutertopfen, Kräuterquark,Gemüse, Salat, Gurke, Salatgurke, Blattsalat, Kopfsalat, Sommersalat, Topfen, Kräutertopfen, Quark, Lebensmittelfotografie, Liz Collet Foodfotografie, Liz Collet Lebensmittelfotografie, Liz Collet Foodphotography, Foodphotography, Liz Collet Gastronomiefotografie, Gastromarketing, Gastronomiemarketing, Gastronomiefotografie, Putenbrust, Geflügel, Mandeln, Quark, Topfen, Kräutertopfen, Kräuterquark, Gemüse, Salat, Gurke, Salatgurke, Blattsalat, Kopfsalat, Sommersalat, Topfen, Kräutertopfen, Quark, Truthahnfleisch, Putenfleisch, Fleisch, Pute, Radieschen, Petersilie, ,Speisekarte,
Salad With Turkey Breast And Almonds © Liz Collet

always wears
the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

With Ascension Day on Thursday many people enjoy taking a “long weekend”.

One of my personal highlights is – beside of some others I may enjoy outdoor – visiting and watching the family of white storks some steps away from my home at the roof of the school. Watching them already since weeks flying above my home to the meadows close to one of the three lakes here – Staffelsee, Riegsee and Froschhauser See –  collecting food for the three baby storks is fascinating again and again for me.

Watching the stork family at their stork’s nest is even more amazing. Please visit my blog here for another and new post about them and with more images including the baby storks to be published soon this weekend. (update: Weißstörche in Murnau – with more pictures)

Weißstörche in Murnau© Liz Collet
Weißstörche in Murnau© Liz Collet

For many people this weekend is more than simply a bridging day and holidays. Reformation Quincentenary in 2017 and German Protestant Kirchentag together with Ascension Day this week are worth attention, discussion and thoughts about values, civil rights and tolerance nowadays in society, beside of individual beliefs.

“Christi Himmelfahrt” –  or Ascension Day – is a legal holiday throughout Germany. Stores, public offices and banks are closed. In addition to celebrating this religious holiday, Germans also recognize Father’s Day on Ascension Day. It is an additional day for families to enjoy time off and to do something together. Some go on bike trips, hikes or gather for barbecues.

Ascension Day is an ecumenical feast that commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. Folklore costumes play a huge role in Bavarian life. Women wear a dirndl,  a type of traditional dress worn based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants.

“Tracht” is the high-german word for costume, derived from ‘tragen’ (to wear) and originally denoting the costume of a certain class in a certain region at the then current time. Impressions from Corpus Christi Procession show the kind of tracht how it’s usual here at Murnau and in the “Blue Land”

Roman Catholicism was the sole established religion in Germany in the 15th century, but the Reformation changed this drastically. In 1517 Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church as he saw it as a corruption of Christian faith. The religious battles which followed defined European history and established modern Protestantism. 500 years Reformation  is landmark in history and common theme in 2017.

It is traditional for Ascension Day to eat a bird of some sort (pigeon, pheasant, duck) since Jesus “flew” to heaven. In our culture chicken or turkey might be more common.

For today and due to outdoor activities the meal has been a salad with lettuce, cucumber, radishes, parsley, spiced and roasted almonds and turkey breast, served together with curd. The curd spiced with lemon juice, herbals, pepper and a pinch of salt is pretty fresh with the turkey breast pieces. The pieces of meat spiced with pepper powder, curry, salt and pepper very spicy – delicious together with the salad.

So, this is my part for this week’s Fiesta Friday #173.



    • Thank You very much, Angie, for visiting and kind feedback – Your posts are always inspiring and appetizing! 🙂

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