Simply Kitchenware………. {*1}

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Butterkugel-Former aus Buchenholz © Liz Collet

Starting with a little series of kitchenware I love using very often or even daily.

This utensil is made from beech wood and to be used to form butter. I’ll show how to practise that in a seperate post soon. But it’s as well useful in case You want to make pasta, for example for garganelli, malloreddus as well as for gnocchi.

You may buy special pasta utensils to prepare those pasta shapes online (4,50  – 11 Euro plus shipping costs) – but why buy and store more utensils than necessary in case You are able to use a product for butter as well for pasta? And those two pieces are available together for less than 3 Euro. As a matter of fact I bought them in one of the local shops (Haushaltswaren Paul / Murnau) for the charming small price of 2,75 Euro. Prizeless bonus: always the pleasure to amble along the kitchenwares in such a shop, perhaps on a lovely saturday morning, talking with competent and really nice shopkeeper or his wife or some of their employees. Friends and family know my passion for shops like Kustermann’s at Munich close to Viktualienmarkt and similar kind of shops anywhere in the world. They are paradise due to the fact they offer utensils You may not find as easy otherwhere – or not in a kind of quality our grandparents or parents already loved and used.Some of them for decades – and for good reasons. Quality and  practicability only two of the reasons. Best value for the money another one. Nowadays one might (and should imho) add: to support local shops in their daily competition with online monopolists. And to support shops who offer jobs and apprentice positions – both of high value for local business, consumers and citizens.

Beside of that and rational consumer’s interest in local shops and to support them I am able to spend an hour there and love it like others spending a day traveling all over the world. Each one his pleasures ans passions 🙂

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You will see more with and about them forming butter and pasta soon in following posts here and there.



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