Interpreting the sweet arts : Cooking Show by Patissier des Jahres – Cologne 2014

Chocolat d'Amour © Liz Collet
Chocolat d’Amour © Liz Collet

Are You passionated with Chocolat, like I am? Not in the meaning of the quantity, but no doubt: with chocolate in quality, creativity and taste of flavours combined with it.

Even a little bit of it may give sensational experience of pleasure for Your senses. Let experts play with it – and they are able to make slaves with it.

Three components and three culinary interpretations by the iPastry chefs Andy Vorbusch, Matthias Ludwig and Jordi Butrón in Cologne – You may be pretty sure, the results must be amazing. Andy Vorbusch (Sööt, Düsseldorf), Matthias Ludwig (Törtchen Törtchen, Cologne) and Jordi Butrón (Espaisucre, Barcelona) took part in the show cooking on the stage of the Pastry Chef of the Year late last month

Enjoy the following video with impressions from the event and please also read this report about it

Cooking Show by Patissier des Jahres – Cologne 2014 from KDJ1 on Vimeo.


The next iPastry takes place in April 2015 during the third semi-finals of Pastry Chef of the Year in Vienna.


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