Ready to Continue With Sweet Mood?

In the mood for cupcakes? Then please follow this step-by-step cupcake recipe video. Dan Lepard shows how to make basic cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream. Here.

Dan Lepard is an award-winning baker and food writer.  His approach is all about getting the utmost from the simplest of ingredients. Born in Australia, he’s become the most British of bakers, championing old recipes and techniques using the best produce from artisan millers and producers around the country. From working as a photographer in the early 90s he found pastry and breadmaking a much better fit. After his first book was published in 1999 he went on to write the baking classic The Handmade Loaf and since then became one of the most sought after bakers in the UK, writing regularly for newspapers and magazines around the world.

You will find this and more about him and his recipes here. And at his Webiste. I ‘d imagine, You’d perhaps love his Chocolate honey meringues

In my kitchen this morning there’s a flavour of vanilla, apricot , slightly also cinnamon  and those yeast pastry …….. the step by step of them is one ,

two ,





seven, and ready to enjoy


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