l ‘Antica Arte del Dolce

Obst und Schokolade © Liz Collet


Let’s have a really sweet day.  Season is ready for the fruits. And herbals. And ain’t they perfect together with chocolat…..? The picture above ‘s from one of my own creations of recipes.  Ready to see more? Ok…. it’s Your risk! Please have a look here and there , too for more views on it. It’s a recipe with two different Mousse (two levels) for this heartshaped “Opera of Chocolate, Fruit and Biscuit” . I have to confess I love mousse and what You may try with it as a dessert as well as for cakes since many, many years. The result: dozens of recipes. And the experience how people are willing to become Your slaves for it.  [Everybody got some little skills and talents.…… perhaps that’s not the worsest one of mine 😉 ] .  More about this and more recipes will follow “later”. *teaser*

But to show You more about the mousse and other amazing creation of a real expert, I’d like to present You Ernst Knam, who is famous for his dolci, his sweets, cakes, biscotti and Antica Arte del Dolce. If You want to see a little bit much more interesting about expert’s secrets…. here a video  from  the Scenes realizzato all’Antica Arte del Dolce di Ernst Knam


More info? About Ernst Knam here, about his creative and adorable work there. (available in several languages, please choose the language You prefer at right side at top). There You’ll read more about l ‘Antica Arte del Dolce, too.

And about the mousse, the way HE does them, too.

EnJOY it !


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