P …..like Potatoes

Lemon, Salt, Herbals © Liz Collet

Simply Cooking. Did I already mention that I do love potatoes as well as pasta? This question just stepped along while working at this and more posts at that new one, one more of my blogs. Started on May 1st, 2012.  Intention of that new blog is to have a look at my works. Sometimes the story behind a picture (sometimes there are such stories), sometimes the places where You may find them. I love to see who is using them as a client, the idea and associations where my works fit in. Detecting interesting new pages, blogs, prints, web portals, ….the world. Simply YOUR world, where my world of pictures leaving little traces of interest and used for business, of course. That’s the purpose. The pleasure is: Doing what You love. Trying in the best possible way. Even if not perfect. (As Pareto knew: 80%…is a high level already …..)

Back to the potatoes: I love them. As well as pasta.  Why? I should perhaps tell You. To avoid a little chance of misunderstanding that might result from my number of posts and pictures with pasta. Pasta’s not the only passion since childhood. Potatoes are, too. Pasta’s and Potetoe’s  common  secret is: They are already  perfect with salt, butter and herbals. Anything else is bonus. Lovely culinary bonus. But simply bonus.

Both – Pasta and Potatoes are really perfect basics, aren’t they?

By the way….this new blog is – somehow – as well a little birthday gift. From me. For You. And a little bit for me. [It’s also a kind of way to re.view my former work – to think about the targets for upcoming more works….a way to think about next ideas as well).

And for this Foodblog here, existing since now 3 years. It’s not been my first foodblog (there’s been the one before hosted at blogger…. ). But since stepping to WP May 1st 2009 it’s been 3 years now at WP. Sometomes changing his “outfit” and theme, but still a fine way to share a part of my passions with You.

So, …. let’s see what might happen during the next years? Inspire me, if You like. And “like” in case You do. It’s always pleasure – thanks for Your stepping in and Your kind attention for little recipes and ….. photography of mine.

Have lovely, creative and fine food cooking and baking  day!


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