The Photographer Behind The Scene…….


I’ve often been asked:  “Who the hell is doing all these nice closeup pasta works and all the other foods: Doing the recipes, the cooking, baking, preparing the desserts and parfaits, the arrangements and – of course – the shootings??? Don’t try to make anybody believe, a person, only skilled in legal professional works might do that…..??????”.


Now, today the secret’s out! During one of the last food  shootings  for this

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and some more works it happened! Due to the fact somebody had missed to clean the spoons perfectly (You recognized that ashaming spoon backside above) we ‘d lost attention to the door. And  so  – shit happens. What we always tried to keep behind the scene , was no longer a secret, since a spy found access in our little studio: One of those papparazzi succeeded to step in….and before we’ve been able to shoot him (uops…. I suppose You know in what kind of sense…. YES of course with bow and arrow!!) he escaped. He lost one of his cameras and some of his adds like laptop,  lens , hard disks and some more things,  when trying to safe his life…..but we’re not quite sure if he had still another one. So, okay. Here’s the truth – we prefer to out the secret ourselves ! (Only because we don’t want that bad guy to earn money giving it to press or trying to blackmail us…!!!! ….And guy, we’ll get You ….one day!!)

So, …okay….. here we go! CLICK and see the real creative head of all works here….. as I always told You: a ONE-WOMAN-SHOW. HERE she is! 😉 Have fun and a nice weekend. Food SHOULD be fun. EnJOY it! [And keep Your attention to all mirrors. Or reflecting details. They are poison for photographers if YOU are not mastering them the way YOU want them to do effects in Your pictures. 😉

Bildquelle “Spighe” als Print in allen Varianten von Postkärtchen bis gerahmten und anderen Druckversionen (C) Liz Collet


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