Sweet Revenges – to be Revenged! ;-)

Just in time before starting into a – as I may hope and expect – lovely, sunny and culinary weekend that hearthighlighting message dropped in: With “Mille Feuilles d’Été” another one of my little food stills did it and made a first place in a photo challenge (Topic “Pastry Turnover or Tart“). Thinking about I’d never tried a challenge with it if a very nice photographer hadn’t convinced me to send it to the contest!? Thanks for encouraging me, [@the-one-who-knows-Shirley and those who voted as jury  ;-)))]!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s such a pleasure – still and again to experience people loving my works and even more than this: that something I really simply love to do , playing with ingredients, recipes and a daily essential of life (cooking, baking, shooting, serving and ….enjoying to eat and share it with family and friends) may succeed winning challenges. THANKS³x³! …and I’ll be working on little sweet and more new ideas to “take revenge” for that “sweetest” of surprises for me today! ;-))))


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