No 51 “Pasta Per PASSIONated”

Pasta Per PASSIONated

Updated the portfolio for my calendars – It’s (unbelievable) already No 51 at my RedBubble Portfolio. Soon, already the next weeks they will be available already for 2012, stay tuned please, there will be more calendars ’til then. The current portfolio of my calendars at RedBubble , please click here.

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If You don’t want to wait: There are other calendars with my works for german speaking friends and fans at “MyGallier’s” Portfolio, already available for 2012 at MyGall, click here for more details, please).

And – of course – all of the works in these calendars are  – e.g. “the pasta models” – availble as single prints at RedBubble and MyGall as well and as RFL/RM Licenses.



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