Currants – Magic little red pearls of fine taste

These are the days for currants – red and black currants…or even white ones. Love them since childhood, when picking them with my grandmother, enjoying them fresh from the current bush [here we are with some of my personal favorite fingerfood & fastfood united in one fruit and ingredient 😉 ….and here we are somehow already closer to the weekend in many aspects and closer to  last days and the week’s topic ……….], as well as later as marmelade and on cakes or simply with some lemon juice and a pinch of sugar or in combination with sweet desserts on their top, like rice pudding. This season they are not only on the list for recipes like those in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  Black currants e.g. mostly don’t find their fans – but they and red currants  are well talented as  ingredient not only for lovely summer parfait, marmelade and more sweet recipes. Ever tried them as a fresh and fruity flavour together with beef or different kind of meat, add it to a sauce for roast, experience it in relishes or chutneys and more?  More ideas? Stay tuned, more following soon.

Currants will be one of the topics during the next days. Another one will be “beef”. And…………… – ok…… a little patience, You’ll see more with the following posts. In the meantime, let my  slide  above or that little overview of recipes with currants inspire You for weekend’s recipes with currants – I’d love to read and see the ideas for weekend recipes with them You might add, while preparing my own two new posts: A very very  special blog post with beef & more about 2 very fascinating days of this week and  my actual own new photo and recipe series with currants during the next days. Enjoy a lovely Friday and stepping into a creative weekend !  😉


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