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During the last week it’s been again a series of food works attracting the special attention for some features at RedBubble. Here they are. And they are a welcome occasion to answer to frequently arriving question, if all those foodies are housemade and if I am doing them alone including the food design. I have to confess: Yes, there’s no one else I could blame for the results. It’s all my fault 😉
Critics and ashes on me, please.
To be serious: Yes. Any food or foto works are a one woman show: From beginning with a special ingredient I’m thinking of for a new recipe to the idea for a recipe,   to the next step cooking or baking or preparing it, to the  following step to arrange it for serving (and shooting it) and ………the shooting .

But : They are all made to be enjoyed after the shooting  – and to enjoy it with pleasure. In other words: no trics with colours in the food.


BomS and me – or my guests – we eat them immediately after the shooting. No ice cream’s getting warm or stepping ocer to milky “sacrifice for food photography” ’til harvesting my photo shoot, no hot or warm meal’s a chance to cool down before enjoying it. The Camera’s got her place and plate’s only doing a one or 2 minutes step aside between kitchen and table where it’s to be served. Of course some works have a chance for more time for the shooting. In case of fresh fruits or cakes and others there’s more time after preparing them and until serving it. But none of my foods here’s only made for photography. My principle and philosophy (if You try to find one in my love for food and food photography) is: Food is made to eat it. Photography is an amazing way to appetize for it. To appetize people to cook, bake, but most of: to ENJOY food. And it’s inspiring for ME to look around and see how perfect  professional’s (and non-professional’s in their food blogs e.g. as well) works are and how adorable creative. Extending horizon for my own recipe ideas.

Shooting it is a lovely and wonderful thing before this pleasure to enjoy the results. Not instead. 😉


Slide’s Pictures, as Prints in different sizes, frames, poster, postcards, greeting cards and more:

Pear’s And Chocolate’s Wedding
Pear’s Chocolate Carreer
Sweet Muffin With Strawberry
Sweet Like A Summer Afternoon
Fruits and Mousse
Pasta Forme Strane No6 Tricolore

Apple And Potatoes
Like Pearls of Water

Apricot’s Baiser Tarte
Milk, Rice, Cinnamon and Apples

each of them also available as RFL/RM and in collections for Calendars again as well for 2011

© Copyright Rezepte, Bilder und Texte by Liz Collet
Bildquellen für Nutzungsrechte RM/RFL hier oder dort für mehr Infos bitte klicken, please click here oder there for more infos. More questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me by mail.

BomS………..? Best of my Sons. [And the only one. Of course. 😉 ]


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