Raymond Blanc Visits Relais Bernard Loiseau

In the mood for some 6 minutes and an pittoresque atmosphere, inspiring images from Burgundy and with Chef Raymond Blanc visiting Burgundy for the BBC programme The Very Hungry Frenchman? Stops by the legendary La Cote d’Or restaurant once owned by Bernard Loiseau.
How about a cup of espresso and…………6 minutes pleasure?
Follow me …………to the pleasures of them and to another little show view and video with Raymond Blanc… ;-)

Enjoy it….. More about him? Here.

By the way…. love the 2CV – a smilemaker in this video series with Raymond Blanc . Remembers me to the R4 in burgundy, that lovely  red colour of the R4, of my grandfather. And his and my journeys together to the different markets, villages e.g. Same funny way to travel…. ;-)

You might also read more about Bernard Loiseau here .

In the video – among the other topics and dishes – You’ll see one of Bernard Loiseau’s classic dishes : Frogs’ legs with garlic purée and a parsley jus. Probably it’s not Your choice to taste it, nor is it mine, is it? (But I do love this one of Sam Gross’ Cartoons since childhood, see more about Gross here and there)

  I’d perhaps choose drumsticks from chicken, duck  or – might be fine – quail instead for that recipe.